Count My Referrals

Get PAID* to Introduce Your Family and Friends

Now there's a quick and easy way to submit your referrals to Spartan Storm Services.


  1. Scroll Down to the Referral Submission FORM
  2. Enter Your Email Address
  3. Enter Your Contact Information
  4. Enter the Contact Information of the Person You're Referring
  5. Receive a Referral Confirmation Email
  6. Wait for Your Referred Homeowner's Roof and Siding to be Inspected
  7. Receive a Check in the Mail for All Your Approved Referrals

REMEMBER: There are specific requirements which must be met in order for you to receive compensation for your referrals.

*An approved referral must include a...

  • First and Last Name 
  • Phone Number
  • Home Address
  • Qualified Inspection

If you have questions as to our policy, please contact us by emailing

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